The Gerber Products Company

Daniel Frank Gerber launched the Gerber Products Company in 1927 after he and his wife Dorothy began making hand-strained baby food for their 7-month-old daughter. Noticing the health benefits that strained vegetables and soup provided to little Sally, Gerber began developing and marketing five baby food products, including strained peas; carrots and spinach; prunes; and beef vegetable soup. Within six months, Gerber’s food began reaching families across the United States.

After 30 successful years of baby food sales, the Gerber Products Company began producing other useful infant items including bottles; breast-feeding supplies; tooth and gum cleanser; pacifiers; vitamin drops; and toys. In 1967, the Gerber Products Company added life insurance to the line, and has since become one of the largest providers of the policy type in the U.S.

While some falsely attribute the highly recognizable logo of the Gerber Baby to that of Sally Gerber herself, the image actually depicts the face of Ann Turner Cook. Neighbor Dorothy Hope Smith, a charcoal artist, drew a portrait of Ann that she later submitted to Gerber after the company announced a search for a baby to serve as the model for the products. However, Sally Gerber also became a valuable part of the Gerber Products Company’s image, personally answering customer letters from the age of 10 until well after she became a senior vice president of the company.

Today, the Gerber Products Company sells more than 190 items in 80 countries. The company remains committed to creating, supporting, and nourishing healthy generations of babies around the globe.

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