Loyalty Cards and the Smart Supermarket

With recent economic difficulties, many studies have shown that people are changing how they shop. For some, this means traveling to a variety of different stores to acquire the product they need at the best price. Many shoppers today know which stores have which products on sale or at a regularly low price, and they target their shopping accordingly. For supermarket owners, this means knowing who frequents their stores and what those people are looking for.

The rise of loyalty cards and other such programs has proven successful in attracting customers to particular grocery stores. These programs help stores communicate that they have the deals a customer wants, while offering new deals. In addition, loyalty programs help stores track what their customers buy and what deals appeal to them, and stock product accordingly. With more and more competition for consumer dollars, this kind of tracking may ultimately prove not only beneficial, but also necessary.

About the author:

For more than 30 years, Ernest Barbella managed, owned, and operated a number of supermarkets on Long Island, New York. He was also an executive in a large supermarket chain.

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