Ernest Barbella and Spice Varieties: Black Pepper

By far one of the most predominant spices around the world, black pepper has been used not only to improve one’s food, but also to enhance one’s health. Varieties of the spice are distinguished by the areas in which they are produced, and discerning chefs choose which type to use based on the desired flavor and composition.

Lampong peppercorns, which are grown in Indonesia, greet the tongue sharply and offer a considerable amount of heat, which makes them an ideal candidate for those looking to add some extra punch to their dishes. Another variety, the Sarawak black pepper, is a product of Malaysia that lends a milder, fruitier addition to meals. Often, the Sarawak boasts notes of chocolate.

Other types of black pepper include the Tellicherry, which enthusiasts recognize as one of the highest-quality spices available. The extremely poignant flavor and smell are marked by a complex combination of flowers, wood, and cherries. Popular types of black pepper also come from Vietnam, Madagascar, Cambodia, and Micronesia.

About Ernest Barbella

The founder of a China-based spice manufacturing firm that sells its products to retailers around the world, Ernest Barbella has also served as the Executive Vice President for Hills Supermarkets and as the Vice President for Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. Barbella holds degrees from the City College of New York and Cornell University.

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