Pure Cane Sugar Compared to Beet Sugar

Ernest Barbella has spent his career in the food manufacturing and retail industry, highlighted by his time as vice president of New York’s Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. As a professional in the food business, Ernest Barbella appreciates the difference between pure cane sugar and beet sugar.

Many individuals are under the impression that sugar comes in a single form. In reality, sugar can be derived from a number of unique sources, including aboveground sugarcane plants and underground beets. There are a few reasons to believe that pure cane sugar is healthier than beet sugar. Most of these benefits can be attributed to helpful trace minerals found in cane sugar that are absent from beet sugar. Pure cane sugar can also be easily produced without the use of genetically modified plants. Manufacturers of beet sugar, on the other hand, are more likely to seek out genetically altered plants during processing. Brown beet sugar may even be sprayed down with a molasses coating, while the center of the sugar grain remains white.

Cane sugar additionally provides professional advantages. For example, the melting point of cane sugar is lower than that of beet sugar, making for an easily blended substance conducive to cooking a wide variety of dishes. Further, cane sugar does not absorb outside odors and is unlikely to foam during preparation. Whether an individual is baking a cake from scratch or simply looking to sweeten his or her tea, pure cane sugar is a healthy option that allows for versatile use in the kitchen.

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