About – Ernest Barbella

Since beginning his professional career in 1964, Ernest Barbella has excelled as a business executive with several prominent companies in the retail food industry. He attended City College of New York, Baruch College, receiving his Bachelor’s degree in 1962. Pursuing graduate studies in economics at Cornell University, Ernest Barbella achieved his Master of Science in 1964.

After serving with Daitch Shopwell Supermarkets as a District Manager, Ernest Barbella quickly advanced in his career by taking a position with Wakefern Food Corp. Over the next 10 years, Ernest Barbella worked his way into higher positions of executive management through steady promotions. He became an instrumental member of the corporation, concurrently serving as Administrative Director of Frozen Food Division, Vice President of Retail Store Operations, and Vice President of Meat Division. From March 1975 to August 1979, Ernest Barbella served as Vice President of the New York Region for the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc. Noted as the youngest Vice President in the company’s history, Ernest Barbella maintained extensive responsibilities in managing a two billion dollar organization. He also held extensive retail management experience while serving as the Executive Vice President for Hills Supermarkets in Long Island, New York. Also an ambitious entrepreneur in the retail food industry, Ernest Barbella independently owned five supermarkets on Long Island, operated a pasta packaging company, and founded a spice manufacturing company in China.


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